Skip to the content. is a dynamic digital publication that has been making waves since its inception in 2020. Founded by Mayank Vikash, a passionate individual with diverse interests in technology, artificial intelligence, defence, and international affairs, the publication has established itself as a leading platform for thought-provoking essays, captivating short stories, and up-to-date news in these domains. What sets apart is not just its content but also its unique approach of being ad-free and self-funded, driven by a commitment to delivering high-quality, unbiased information to its readers., the esteemed digital publication founded by Mayank Vikash in 2020, has garnered widespread acclaim for its unwavering commitment to providing high-quality content free of charge. In an era where access to information can be hindered by paywalls and subscriptions, breaks the mold by prioritizing accessibility and knowledge sharing. This commitment to delivering valuable insights without financial barriers has revolutionized the digital publishing landscape and established as a champion of democratized information.

Focusing on Tech, AI, Defence, and International Affairs stands at the intersection of technology, artificial intelligence, defence, and international affairs. It serves as a hub for individuals passionate about these fields, offering in-depth analysis, thought leadership, and engaging discussions. With a team of experienced writers and contributors, the publication explores the latest advancements, emerging trends, and pressing issues in these areas, keeping readers informed and stimulating their curiosity.

One of the distinguishing features of is its dedication to promoting creativity and expression through essays and short stories. Understanding the power of narratives, the publication provides a platform for both established and aspiring writers to share their unique perspectives and captivate readers with compelling storytelling. These essays and short stories not only entertain but also shed light on complex topics, encouraging critical thinking and fostering a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

Promoting Diversity of Opinions recognizes the importance of diverse perspectives in shaping a comprehensive understanding of complex topics. The publication actively seeks contributions from a wide range of experts, scholars, and professionals who bring unique insights and experiences to the table. By embracing diverse opinions, encourages healthy debates, fosters critical thinking, and offers readers a broader understanding of the subjects at hand.

Expert Analysis and Commentary features expert analysis and commentary on a variety of topics within its focus areas. Esteemed professionals and thought leaders share their in-depth knowledge, providing readers with informed opinions that delve into the intricacies and nuances of tech, AI, defence, and international affairs. These expert perspectives enable readers to gain deeper insights, challenge preconceived notions, and form well-rounded opinions on complex issues that shape our world.

Unbiased and Balanced Approach

Maintaining its commitment to delivering unbiased content, ensures that its opinion pieces uphold high journalistic standards. The publication strives to present a balanced view of different viewpoints, weighing arguments based on their merits and encouraging readers to critically evaluate different perspectives. By fostering an environment of intellectual integrity, aims to contribute to the informed decision-making process of its readers.

Open Dialogue and Constructive Debates fosters an atmosphere of open dialogue, where readers are encouraged to engage in constructive debates and discussions. The publication’s comment sections and social media platforms provide spaces for readers to express their opinions, share their insights, and engage with the authors and fellow readers. This interactive approach encourages the exchange of ideas, facilitates a deeper understanding of diverse viewpoints, and promotes the growth of a vibrant community of intellectually curious individuals.

Empowering Readers recognizes that readers are not passive consumers but active participants in shaping the narrative. The publication aims to empower its readers by presenting them with diverse opinions, reliable information, and thought-provoking analysis. By providing a platform for diverse voices, encourages readers to develop their own informed opinions, cultivate critical thinking skills, and actively contribute to the conversations surrounding tech, AI, defence, and international affairs.

In addition to thought-provoking content, keeps its readers informed about the latest news in the realms of technology, AI, defence, and international affairs. Recognizing the importance of staying up-to-date in a rapidly evolving world, the publication delivers concise, accurate, and unbiased news articles that provide valuable insights into significant events and developments. By presenting a balanced view of the news, aims to empower readers to form well-informed opinions and make informed decisions. takes pride in its ad-free model, prioritizing reader experience above all else. By eliminating advertisements, the publication ensures a clean, distraction-free reading environment, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in the content. The commitment to remaining ad-free is made possible through the self-funding provided by Mayank Vikash himself, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to the publication’s integrity and independence. is committed to delivering consistent and engaging content to its readers. With a publishing frequency of three articles per week, the publication ensures a regular flow of thought-provoking material that keeps readers engaged and informed. Whether it’s deep dives into emerging technologies, insightful analysis of geopolitical dynamics, or captivating fictional narratives, aims to offer a diverse range of content to cater to a broad readership.

Breaking Down Barriers

In an increasingly digital world, recognizes the importance of breaking down barriers to knowledge. By offering free access to its comprehensive range of articles, essays, opinion pieces, short stories, and news coverage, the publication ensures that readers from all walks of life can engage with and benefit from its content. believes that information should be freely available to all, regardless of socioeconomic background or geographic location, and its dedication to this principle sets it apart from many traditional publications.

A Commitment to Accessibility’s commitment to accessibility goes beyond simply making content free. The publication takes great care to optimize its website, ensuring it is user-friendly and compatible with a variety of devices and screen sizes. Whether accessed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone, readers can enjoy a seamless browsing experience, making it convenient to delve into the wealth of information and insights provided by

Knowledge Sharing for All

By offering its content for free, fosters a culture of knowledge sharing. It encourages readers to explore diverse topics, broaden their horizons, and engage in meaningful discussions. The publication recognizes that empowering individuals with information can spark innovation, encourage critical thinking, and drive positive change. By making its content freely available, creates opportunities for lifelong learning and facilitates the exchange of ideas on a global scale.

Community Building and Engagement values the importance of community engagement and interaction. Through comment sections, social media platforms, and forums, readers are invited to participate in discussions, share their perspectives, and engage with both the authors and fellow readers. This active engagement fosters a sense of belonging and enables the formation of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who collectively contribute to the growth and enrichment of knowledge.

Funding the Vision

Mayank Vikash’s belief in the power of accessible information led him to personally fund By shouldering the financial responsibility, he ensures that the publication remains ad-free, independent, and free from the influence of external interests. Mayank’s dedication to funding the vision of demonstrates his unwavering commitment to providing a platform for sharing knowledge and ideas without compromising the integrity of the publication’s content. has carved a niche for itself as a digital publication that bridges the gap between technology, artificial intelligence, defence, and international affairs. Founded and owned by Mayank Vikash, the publication has quickly gained recognition for its ad-free model, self-funded approach, and commitment to providing high-quality content. With its focus on essays, short stories, and the latest news, continues to be a trusted source for individuals seeking a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of technology and global affairs. As the publication grows and evolves, it remains steadfast in its mission to inform, inspire, and provoke meaningful discussions among its readership., under the guidance of Mayank Vikash, has evolved into a leading digital publication that goes beyond simply reporting news and sharing stories. By offering a platform for thought-provoking opinions, the publication enriches the discourse on tech, AI, defence, and international affairs. With its commitment to diverse perspectives, unbiased reporting, and open dialogue, empowers readers to engage critically with complex issues, shape their own opinions, and contribute meaningfully to the ongoing conversations that drive progress and understanding in today’s interconnected world. stands as a beacon of accessibility and knowledge sharing in the digital publishing landscape. Through its commitment to delivering quality content free of charge, the publication has redefined how information is disseminated and accessed. By breaking down barriers and fostering a culture of inclusivity, empowers individuals around the world to explore, learn, and engage with a diverse range of topics. As continues to grow and thrive, its legacy of democratized information and unwavering dedication to its readers will serve as an inspiration to other publications and further contribute to the advancement of global knowledge sharing.