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Introducing Announcements, Opinions, Essays, Stories and Books on

I am launching 5 more sections on which are Announcements, Opinions, Essays, Stories, and Books.

In this article, we will take a look at each of the sections and what they are for.

The first section is the Announcements

I will be quite active on this section as this site is still new and needs a lot of improvements. As you know, currently this website is managed by a single person, which is me so I can’t do much that is why for improving the quality and user experience of this website, I will rely on the readers. Your suggestions are invaluable, please send them to [email protected].

The second section is Opinions.

I like reading peoples’ opinions on various topics. It gives me a new perspective to look at a problem or topic. I know many of you also like reading opinions but many publications required readers to purchase subscriptions to get access to the opinions. That is why, as this website will always be ad-free since 2020 I have decided to provide people with opinions on topics like international affairs, defense, tech, etc. I will be quite active here.

The third section is Essays.

As you know, I have recently got promoted to Std. 10 and I receive a lot of essay assignments. So, I have dedicated an entire section to essays. Here too, I will be active as I already have tens of essays pending.

The fourth section is Stories.

Everyone like reading stories, and I do too, but I also want to write stories myself. I have no experience in writing stories which is why I am currently learning story writing and reading a lot of short stories and also following the blogs of popular writers. I will try to publish at least one story per month when I learn to write them. I will focus on writing science-fiction, tech and horror stories.

The fifth section is Books

This is going to be one of the less active sections of this website. Writing a book is challenging and it takes a lot of time and effort but I will try to publish a book every 6-8 months. I know it is a lot of time this is because I have no idea in writing a book. I was writing this article and I just got an idea for my first book. It will be “India on the way to being a Global Superpower: What it needs to fix and what it has already done”

I know it’s a long title, but this is not going to be the actual title. I will change it when I publish the book and yes it will be available for free online.

I love writing and I created this website to improve my writing skills and showcase my work. I am thankful for all those reading my works, it gives me a lot of motivation.

I am still working and it may take a few days for changes to take effect.

Thanks for reading!

Written by Mayank Vikash

Publish on 2nd April 2023 at 21:50 IST

Last updated April 2, 2023, at 21:53 IST