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Over the last decade, there have been arguments that AI will one day replace human beings in almost every field from engineering to medicine. Before computers were created, every company had human calculators called “Computers” to keep records of bills and do complex accounting and calculating. Computers have successfully replaced the job.

By 2050 there are several jobs that AI is going to replace. Some of them are couriers, workers, content writers, etc. Now, because of this reason most of the human population will shift the field of work to creating AIs, managing them, and other tech-related fields.

With the improvement in previous technologies and the addition of new technologies AI programs are getting better than ever. For example, ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, can generate real and natural human-like texts and can answer almost every question you have. Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image AI program that can create a life-like image from the information provided.

Almost all the tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Adobe are working on their own AI programs. They are using them to improve the quality of their products and give the users the most accurate solution they are looking for whether it is smart algorithms that deliver the best search results or photo-editing software that helps make industry-level photo edits.

These big companies are working for years to add AI to their workforce to remove the need for employees who do not do any special tasks related to the core function of the company. For example, an AI can be useful in marketing like generating content ideas and writing blog posts, it will reduce the cost spent on paying the salary to marketing agencies and content writers.

Recently a company Codeword created two AI programs with the help of technologies like ChatGPT and recruited them for a three-month internship. The Codeword team will oversee their tasks and create performance reports according to their accuracy, problem-solving skills, and time required to complete the task. Read below to find out what the company is planning to do with them.

Codeword, a New York-based tech-marketing agency just created two AI employees and recruited them for three months internship.

On January 11, Codeword announced in their medium blog Cover Story that the agency is welcoming two new interns for the “Winter 2023 Internship Class”.

The blog post is written by Codeword’s co-founder Kyle Monson.

The name of the two interns is Aiko and Aiden.

Did you know how the Interns were named?

The Codeword’s team asked the AI program to suggest names that begin with “AI”.

The program suggested Codeword team six names:

Of the six names received the team selected the first two named Aiko and Aiden for their Interns.

The two AI Interns will assist Codeword’s team of 106 employees. The interns will be given regular tasks, be overseen by an in-charge,3, and will be given performance reports like all other interns.

The AI Interns are created using various technologies like ChatGPT, Midjourney, Dall-E 2, and others according to the post.

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that generates human-like answers created by OpenAI as previously discussed. Midjourney is a text-to-image generator AI program. Dall-E 2 is also a text-to-image generator by OpenAI.

Aiko will work side by side with Codeword’s design team and will report to Senior Art Director Emilio Ramos. He will draft concepts, create designs, edit photos and do all kinds of work that Interns are required to do.

Aiden will work with Codeword’s editorial team of thirty awesome people, reporting to Senior Editor Terrence Doyle. She will create drafts, write blog posts and come up with content ideas for Codeword’s blog Cover Story on medium.

The AI programs have created their Avatars. Codeword’s blog states that Aiden and Aiko will be “full members of the Codeword’s team” and will be listed in the employee directory. They may also write articles for the company’s blog.

Since they are not humans they will not be paid but Codeword will donate money equivalent to the salary of two interns to the Grace Hopper Celebration where women from the tech field all around the world meet to discuss their research papers and career interests.

According to the blog, Codeword is planning to use Aiden and Aiko to assist other employees. The team will give information about the task to the program, the program will return the different ways to solve it then the team will select the appropriate solution and modify it if needed. This is called ‘sandwich workflow.’

This leads to the question of whether these AI programs will replace Codeword’s human employees. The blog clearly states that these AI programs are currently for testing purposes and Codeword is not intending to replace human employees with them.

Codeword’s blog also states that they are currently hiring and they are not sure what kind of work these AI programs can do and how reliable they are. For now, Aiden and Aiko will directly not serve any client.

Codeword assures that they will not replace human employees with AI programs but it is not sure for others companies like Google, Amazon, Meta, and Twitter. These companies have recently laid off thousands of employees and are looking for ways to reduce costs. They are looking for every possible position which can be replaced by AI and they will do it as soon as they build a recruitment-ready AI workforce.

It can be anticipated that tech giants are working to build an AI workforce of thousands which will replace millions of humans.

If you do want not to get replaced by AI then find a job that requires building these AI programs or look for a job that has no relation to any kind of technology (which is impossible).

Don’t get too much worry, several fields cannot be replaced by AI shortly like conducting research in laboratories, exploring space, and writing opinions and books. AI can do the work fastly and at a cheaper rate with near-to-perfect accuracy but it can never develop logical thinking. Remember, an AI cannot make decisions, it always needs someone to instruct him and make the right decisions.

But, I am afraid with the rapid progress in technology and machine learning it is just a matter of time before we will be able to see AI programs/robots with the ability to think and make decisions.