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Github laid off its entire Indian staff

World’s biggest developer collaboration platform, Github has recently closed its operations in India. Microsoft-owned code hosting platform GitHub has laid off its Indian team of more than 100 engineers.

Github India’s office has the second most employees after the US according to recent data.

According to media reports, a total of 142 Indians have been impacted by the company’s decision to shut down the India office on March 27. Github laid off employees as a decision of reducing ten per cent of its total workforce of 3000 employees by the end of March to reduce costs, which the company announced last month.

GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke also froze hiring in February of this year. In an email to the employees, the CEO justifying his decisions said that the company is making some difficult decisions to protect the short-term health of the company and to assist in investing in future.

The question that would strike anyone’s mind is that India provides the cheapest labours and engineers in the world, so why keep costly US employees and fire both efficient and cheap Indian staff?

The media reports claim that lay off in India was not based on the performance of the employees. The company has confirmed the laying off of employees but has not stated the number of employees impacted by this decision.

GitHub is yet to answer:

  1. Why only Indian employees were fired?

  2. Will more staff around the world be laid off?

  3. Is GitHub moving out of India?

According to stats, Indian engineers perform better than US engineers in many fields and India is known as the engineering hub of the world. Many tech giants like Amazon, Meta and Google recruit Indian developers as they are cheap and equally qualified as developers from any other country.

According to the latest data, Github has more than 10 million users from India. GitHub cannot stay quiet. They need to give a satisfactory reason for their actions. The interference of the Government of India is required here as more than 100s people have become jobless.

Written by Mayank Vikash

Published on 31st March 2023 at 7:30 IST

Last updated Mar 31, 2023, at 7:35 IST