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I am Mayank Vikash, a student with some knowledge of how thing works.

I have learned various technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, etc. from Google searches, blogs, Youtube videos, and StackOverflow. is a place where I share my learning to help those who are learning the same technology, it covers programming blogs/tips, tutorials, interesting news, free sources, and much more.

As this site is new, you can’t find a lot of content. I invite all people whether advanced or beginners like me to contribute to this website. Scroll down to read contributing guidelines.

I have learned all this and still learning more and have also created several projects, which you can find here: Posts

Check out the latest posts:

Buzzfeed-OpenAI Collaboration, the company will use AI to generate content for the website

Meet Codeword’s AI Interns Aiko and Aiden

Twitter is shutting down its newsletter tool Revue

The developer who stole $300K from the e-commerce site Zulily

Dream11’s new policy makes holidays better for employees

My 2022 Recap

You can also check out my profiles on these platforms:



Dev Community






When it comes to posting stories, no one can forget Hackernoon, which is one of my favorite reading platforms and I am also a contributor writer there.

My Story

I am a 9th-grade student. I learned Java as a part of my school syllabus and the moment I read about it, I fell in love with it. I started learning about Object-oriented programming languages and their history. Then, Java, writing the first program in java, logic building, number programs, conditional statements, loops and so much more.

My inspiration for learning web development came from a video of CodeWtihHarry which I found on YouTube. I got curious after watching that video and wanted to learn more about website designing so, I searched on Google about this topic and they started following various tutorials and courses on the web (obviously, they were all free).

Then, I searched for how to get a free domain so that I can build my site and show it to the world. I registered a free domain from the freenom registrar.

With a free .ml domain, I wanted to build a blog but it was not an easy task for a beginner. The first time I used infinity free to create a WordPress site but I wanted to create a site from scratch so I dropped the idea and decided to rather use Jekyll static site generator to build my website and host it on Github. Jekyll is a kind of WordPress but still, I can change and add things in the root.

I am also thinking of adding a projects section on this site where I can showcase my projects.

I also have an interest in writing and I am also a contributor writer at Hackernoon. Check out some of my articles on Hackernoon:

Display a number’s prime digit

How to implement expansion formulas in java

How I built a simple report card program in Java

Although I am not always active on this site because of school and studies, I post at least one article a month, sometimes maybe two.

Currently, I am building my URL shortener build entirely with Javascript. It is my favorite project. I have written the logic of the shortener, I just need to build a landing page and a form where you can put the URL.

Check out the development: Why URLRealm is not ready yet?

I have just got thought of adding a video section to this website where I will share some cool videos made with Adobe After Effects.

I forgot to mention that I am also learning app development and I have published an app on amazon (It is useless and does nothing).

I am learning game development too in Unity by following Youtube videos it is quite fun and I am enjoying it.

Some of my favorite Youtube channels: Code With Harry


Web Dev Simpliefied

Coding Artist

Kewin Powell

And many others. These guys have taught me lots of things and I am still learning a lot of things from them.

By the way, if you haven’t seen it, this was my old portfolio. Old  Portfolio Screenshot

It is made with Bootstrap and I know it doesn’t look that good at all.

As I have stated above, I am still learning web development and these are my beginner’s sites without following any tutorials and making them on my own.

I also read a lot of blogs, why don’t you check them out too:

I have just bought a new domain from GoDaddy. I am building this website with Jekyll and it uses the Cayman theme and is hosted on Github. Check out the repository: Github Repository

I have some future post ideas for this website. Some of them are:

I have also written some essays which you can find on my medium and Blogspot profile. I am not that good at writing but I always try to write something helpful to readers, if not helpful then at least they may have fun reading it and it is worth their valuable time.

Fun Fact: A few days back I had my English exam and I was told to write an essay describing my experience in a Children’s park that is newly built in your locality. You won’t believe me I inserted a police case in a Children’s park essay. It was not like children fighting each other. Basically, for building the park the authorities needed to cut down some trees and because of that some environmentalists protested and took this matter to the High Court. It was a pretty good essay two-page essay which I also enjoyed writing and you may also like reading.

I will post that essay here or on my medium.

Contribute to is a growing website and it is currently managed by a single person. If you want to help others by sharing your learning, you are most welcome to do so. Share the link of your article by tagging @MayankVikash1 on Twitter and your article will be on this website.

Whether it is a programming blog or tip, course or tutorial, news or just opinion, all are treated as the same and given equal importance. This site covers a wide-ranging of categories. Don’t hesitate to send your article if you are a new article. I will edit and mistakes to make the article stand out to readers.

Note: Just make sure you are not cross-posting, to get the maximum engagement, it is generally considered to post an article on a single site. For example, if you are writing for your website, post the article there only and not on Hashnode or Hackernoon.


You can contact me using one of the options below to ask me regarding a particular topic (which I am sure no one is going to ask because I am learning), just talk with me, share your projects, to do a project together.

You can get in touch through Twitter, my profile @MayankVikash1

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If you have come this long reading this page then I truly appreciate it and hope that it was worth your time. Thanks for reading!